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Dental inlays & onlays

Our dental inlays & onlays make your decayed or broken teeth a thing of the past.

Similar to fillings, inlays are usually gold or porcelain fillings and are used to fill the cavity of a decayed or broken tooth, restoring it to its former function. The difference being that, whereas a standard filling is applied directly into your tooth and left to harden, inlays are custom-made at our lab and placed in the cavity. Inlays are used when the tooth structure is not sufficient enough to place a regular filling and the result is much stronger. Porcelain is the more common material used for the fillings as it can be coloured to match your natural teeth therefore making it almost invisible.

The benefits of inlays VS fillings

While inlays are more costly than fillings, they also perform better:

  • Better resistance to the forces exerted during chewing and biting
  • Better protection against recurring decay
  • A more precise and longer lasting fit

Placing inlays

After an initial consultation with you to discuss your options, during which you’ll chose a material, most often gold or porcelain for your fillings, the process of placing inlays is usually spread over two appointments.

  • Appointment 1:
    We start by numbing your tooth and remove any decay. Next, we prepare the cavity to receive the inlay, before taking an impression of it. This is used by our lab to custom-make your new inlay. Before you go, we also place a temporary inlay.
  • Appointment 2:
    We may need to numb your tooth again to remove the temporary inlay and bond or cement the new one into place. After this is done, you can walk out with a newly restored smile!

Inlays made at our in-house lab

Our in-house lab is where our talented technicians custom-craft veneers, crowns and inlays. Apart from ensuring your inlays have a perfect fit, they are also able to colour-match porcelain inlays to your existing teeth, creating natural-looking smiles. An added advantage of having the lab so close is that turnaround times are much faster, resulting in a more timely service for you.

While in some cases gold inlays are advised, in most cases we can work with porcelain inlays which are more aesthetically pleasing. Recent advances in dental technology have meant that the porcelain filling materials used to create inlays can really mimic the look, feel and texture of enamel.

Not just inlays, we do onlays too…

While inlays are used to fill tooth cavities, onlays are bonded or cemented to restore the biting surfaces of a tooth. They are used when more of your tooth is damaged or when we need to change its shape or position. Just like inlays, onlays are also made of a solid substance.

Stop the decay and book your first inlays or onlays appointment with us today.

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