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Fresh breath & halitosis cures

Banish bad breath with the right advice and professional care from Bow Lane Dental.

Bad Breath And Halitosis Cures In London

Bad breath or halitosis is actually very common, and usually the person with it is unaware they even have it. Nevertheless, the bad breath cure is effective and relatively fuss-free.

In 90% of cases, bad breath is generated in the mouth, where bacteria produce gases which tend to smell like rotten eggs. These bacteria often hide in the areas that you miss when you clean your teeth, as well as on the back of your tongue.

Smoking is another prime culprit – by drying your mouth it makes the odour worse and also builds-up harmful tar and nicotine inside your mouth.

The Halitosis cure – our expert Fresh Breath service:

Under our care, we will investigate your mouth, diagnose the exact cause of your bad breath and show you exactly how to tackle it as part of your regular routine. If gum disease is the cause of halitosis, our expert dental hygienists will clean the pockets between your teeth and gums to remove the ingrained bacteria.

The first thing we advise for bad breath treatment is that you brush and floss thoroughly to remove the bacteria that are producing the halitosis gases. You should also clean your tongue using your toothbrush or a special scraper.

We further suggest you use a mouthwash that contains chlorine dioxide, since this will break down the gases that cause bad breath. It is best to use these mouthwashes just before you go to sleep and make sure you gargle for at least 30 seconds to ensure you rinse all the parts of your mouth thoroughly. Do not waste your money on the normal, mediocre mouthwashes, because some of these contain alcohol which will merely dry the mouth, making the odour worse.

Fresh breath benefits:

  • Kissable breath! Feel confident around people.
  • Prevention of gum disease.

Halitosis treatment frequently asked questions:

  • Is halitosis the same as when people have garlic or onion breath?
    You can get transient bad breath from your diet, such as regularly eating lots of garlic and onions, however most dietary causes can be masked by mouthwashes or mints. True halitosis is caused by bacteria which produces gases that smell similar to rotten eggs.
  • How can I be certain I have halitosis?
    Since it is almost impossible to smell your own bad breath, simply ask a friend or family member. Alternatively, you can try two simple tests. Firstly, take a piece of unwaxed, unflavoured floss and move it between one of your back teeth – wait 30 seconds and then smell it to see if the odour is bad. Secondly, lick your wrist, wait a short while and then smell it to test the odour.

Fresh breath team

Bow Lane Dental employs a dedicated team of thoroughly trained dental hygienists to provide dental hygiene appointments and advice at our practice in Central London.

Fresh breath team London

The halitosis cure to achieve lasting fresh breath is just a phone call away.

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