Electra Karidis

Electra Karidis

“I have been a patient at Bow Lane Dental for 16 years – James is a saint in my opinion and they have literally transformed my life,”

Bow Lane Dental was warmly recommended to me by my friend’s father. I was in a terrible state with periodontitis and in lots of pain, so I called them up and was immediately greeted by their wonderful reception team.That day, and every time since, they have been warm, efficient and they know what’s what, which puts you at ease. I knew from that first call I was going to be in safe hands – and I have never looked back.


James was the first person I saw and I felt confident with him from the word go. He’s got an exceptional ‘bedside’ manner, informed me of all my options, offered pertinent advice and carried out treatment that helped immediately.


He is such a brilliant dentist and is surrounded by a great team - I don’t have a bad word to say about any of them and James is clearly very proud, and rightly so.


Despite being out of the way, I insist my children come here too. When my daughter was about eight she had a tooth that James said would fall out in a month or so. She still remembers that she didn’t lose that tooth for a year and was most put out that the tooth fairy couldn’t come.


James is a saint in my opinion. Although, I do gently rib him about all the gadgets he has. Going into his surgery is like walking into Q’s room in 007 it’s so state of the art but thank goodness he has all this technology really.


His approach is to look at the whole person, not just their teeth, as he knows everything is linked. I had difficulties with the right side of my body and had a hip replaced. He saw that my headaches and aches all along that side where connected, he gets that and treats you as an organic whole. The health of your mouth is reflected elsewhere, it’s like a mirror.


James sees you as a human being and will always take the time to go the extra mile. I am conscious of his time but I never feel rushed. He manages your expectations beautifully and communicates everything so well. This is key as these things make you feel like you have some control over what’s happening. His manner is second to none and he clearly loves his job.


What would I say to James about reaching this 20-year milestone? Carry on as you bloody well are - you’ve nailed it as far as I’m concerned!

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