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Teeth stain removal London

Remove stubborn tooth staining with professional teeth cleaning services at Bow Lane Dental in London.

All you need to know about tooth stain removal

  • Remove stubborn tooth stains
  • Clean gums and hard to reach areas
  • Prevent gum disease

Cleaning your teeth and gums properly is an important part of good oral hygiene. Even with the perfect oral hygiene routine you still won’t be able to spot the hidden build up of calculus, gum disease, dental cavities or even mouth cancer. This is where our teeth cleaning service at Bow Lane Dental in London comes in.

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I've just completed another session with my hygienist Sarah, and I cannot recommend her enough. She is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and takes her time and makes sure that you leave with the best possible smile.

John Hepburn

Who will see you at your appointment?

Brooke Ship

Dental hygienist & therapist

Renate Putrus

Dental hygienist, orthodontic therapist & facial aesthetician

Sarah Urquhart

Dental hygienist


Dental hygienist


Dental hygienist

Deep teeth cleaning in London

Our team of dental hygienists are skilled professionals who form part of our dental team in London. They are specially trained to spot problems early on, clean your teeth and gums and provide regular teeth cleaning advice in our London practice where they are based.

What teeth stain cleaning includes

Our teeth cleaning staff in London are trained in the latest teeth cleaning treatments to keep your mouth infection-free. They work hard to ensure our clients maintain great oral hygiene and fresh breath in three key stages:


Your teeth cleaning hygienist will give you a thorough oral hygiene examination to chart your teeth and gums noting any inflammation, swelling, bleeding and the presence of plaque and calculus

Scaling & polishing

Our teeth cleaning team will professionally clean your teeth using the latest pastes and polishes to remove any plaque and calculus which cannot be removed by brushing or flossing alone. Once removed the teeth cleaning team we will polish your teeth using the latest air polishing system to remove superficial stains

Teeth cleaning advice

Finally our teeth cleaning team will provide advice and techniques for effective teeth cleaning to help you limit the build up of plaque and maintain great fresh breath.

Teeth cleaning benefits


Full oral examination for the early identification of gum disease, dental cavities or mouth cancer


Scaling to remove the build up of plaque and calculus


Polishing to clean and naturally whiten the teeth


Prolong the life of bridges, crowns and fillings which are prime sites for plaque and calculus accumulation


Advice on maintaining clean teeth


A program of teeth cleaning.

Teeth cleaning products

We stock a range of products at our London practice to help with teeth cleaning such as Tepe brushes, Oral B electric toothbrushes, floss, touch cleaners, Curasept, Gel, Corsodyl mouthwash, Glide floss and Duraphat toothpaste.

Regular teeth cleaning

In addition to your daily teeth cleaning routine we recommend our patients see our teeth cleaning specialists in London at least once every six months to ensure any problems such as a build up of calculus, dental cavities, gum disease or even mouth cancer are caught early on.

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