Treat teeth grinding, teeth clenching and TMJ pain with the ear-worn Cerezen device.

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  • Worn in your ear to stop clenching and grinding
  • Practically invisible
  • Can be worn day or night

Bow Lane Dental offer Cerezen TMJ treatment for teeth clenching, grinding and TMJ pain.

Cerezen are custom-fitted, removable inserts, which are designed to be worn day and / or night in your ear to stop clenching or grinding.

Our audiologist takes impressions of your ear canals to make custom-made, hollow inserts that fit in your ear canals. Your ear canal is very close to your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The shape of the ear canal changes when the jaw is closed when chewing or biting. Cerezen inserts are larger than the ear canal when in a jaw-closed position. It is this change in ear canal space that applies subtle pressure against the walls of the ear canal. This encourages you to open your jaw and minimize the tendency to clench the jaw and muscle.

They do not affect your hearing and can be worn all day, just removed before showering or swimming.

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Treat teeth grinding, teeth clenching and TMJ pain with the ear-worn Cerezen device.


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