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Based in the HEART OF LONDON, we are one of the leading dentist practices in the UK offering a wide variety of AWARD WINNING treatments for naturally beautiful smiles.

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  • Thank you so much Ilan for your excellent work to improve my teeth and overall dental health. You have been consistently positive through each dental procedure which helped to engage with treatment and learn more about taking care of my teeth. I would highly recommend Ilan and the team at Bow Lane Dental Group for dental treatment, particularly to those who might be anxious about going to see a dentist. All the best and see you in the future.

    ~ Anonymous : April 2017 ~

  • I had some durathin veneers on my front teeth and am so pleased with the result. My dentist, James Goolnik, went out of his way to ensure the veneers looked natural and to make sure I was completely happy with the shape and size. All the nurses and hygienists have also been great and the reception staff are extremely helpful.

    ~ Rachel Robinson : March 2017 ~

  • At my first appointment I was completely reassured by James, and completely confident that I had found the right man for the job. I was quite prepared to have up to 12 veneers fitted to achieve the look I would like, but James advised that I should start with just 2 front veneers to correct the damaged teeth, and then have a whitening programme to lift the colours of the other teeth. Excellent advice. I could have been talked into the 12 veneers at huge expense, but James was honest, offered me sound advice, and saved me a small fortune!

    ~ Christina Schwab : January 2015 ~

  • I visited Bow Lane Dental Group to have my teeth whitened for my birthday and I was looked after by a very polite and professional young lady called Renate. She talked me through the process and made me feel at ease as I'm generally not fond of dental visits. She thoroughly explained the aftercare process and made it very clear what I needed to do to help maintain the whiteness. I would definitely recommend her to anyone visiting this surgery.

    ~ Miles : September 2014 ~

  • I have been a client of Bow Lane Dental Group for about 10 years. James has always exceeded my expectations – in terms of quality, time management & flexibility. Thanks to him and his team my teeth, gum and breath look and feel better than ever before. My wife loves it so much that she has also become a long term client of James. I think he is a world class dentist and I would recommend him unreservedly.

    ~ Anton : October 2014 ~

  • I've been going to Bow Lane for a few years now. I'd always thought I had good teeth and I did not need to waste time and money on my teeth as I had always been and found out they were strong and well. I had heard that people that think this are usually the ones that get the problems later in life (like my grandfather whose genes I have passed to me I guess) so finding a good specialist was important.

    ~ Tom : October 2014 ~

  • I'm so glad to be a patient of the Bow Lane practice. I was one of those people going from one dentist to another and never being entirely satisfied with the price/service/quality. Now in James I finally have a dentist who I completely and utterly trust.

    ~ Suzi : February 2014 ~

  • I have been a patient of James at Bow Lane for 7 years and can honestly say James is the best dentist i have ever had. My teeth were in such a terrible state when i first visited, but now they are perfect and I enjoy smiling at any opportunity. My treatments have included fillings, root canal, inlays, wisdom tooth removal, veneers, crowns and teeth whitening - all of which were done to the highest standard using fantastic technology and ensuring my comfort at every appointment.

    ~ David : July 2014 ~

  • Surprisingly, I look forward to going to the dentist at Bow Lane Dental. They have a nice reception where I can get a drink and look at magazines. I am never kept waiting very long as they are always on time. They have state-of-the-art equipment, comfortable chairs and great friendly service. If you want the best quality and service give James a call and he and his team will take care of you.

    ~ Olivera : August 2014 ~


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"After years of refusing to smile in photos you now can't stop me. I’m always getting compliments on what a lovely smile I have."

~ Deborah

"I cannot praise Bow Lane Dental enough! Every single person has been highly skilled, efficient and incredibly kind."

Samantha ~

"After years of refusing to smile in photos you now can't stop me. I’m always getting compliments on what a lovely smile I have."

~ Deborah ~

"I cannot praise Bow Lane Dental enough! Every single person has been highly skilled, efficient and incredibly kind.

~ Samantha ~

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