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I used to cover my mouth when I laughed and was always worried what my teeth looked like in photos. I had my front tooth corrected and had a veneer fitted and I am completely thrilled with the results – I can’t stop smiling now! Thank you Bow Lane.

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Teeth bleaching in London

Our teeth bleaching treatments at Bow Lane Dental in London give you whiter, brighter teeth.

Teeth Bleaching Specialists In London

When we age, changes to the mineral structure of our teeth can cause them to darken and substances such as wine, tobacco and chocolate only make matters worse. Because yellow teeth can look ‘unclean’, this discoloration can for many people become embarrassing. Luckily, teeth bleaching at our London practice can make your smile white again. In fact, the technology has come such a long way, just one teeth bleaching session at our London dental practice is all you need!

Teeth bleaching video

Watch the teeth bleaching procedure in detail at our practice in London with Dr James Goolnik:

Teeth bleaching whitening London video

Teeth whitening before and after example

Teeth Bleaching London

How teeth bleaching at our London practice works

Much as a facial would unlock the pores of your skin, our teeth bleaching service in London uses a bleaching process that unlocks the pores of your teeth, so stains can be removed. Depending on your budget and needs, we offer London-based teeth bleaching with laser technology and a more concentrated bleaching gel, or home-based whitening kits using a softer bleaching gel. In any case, all of our teeth whitening treatments begin with a 30 minute teeth bleaching consultation at our London dental practice.

Option A:
Home teeth bleaching (tray-based) – slower but cheaper:

After making you a set of custom plastic guards at our London practice, you carry on the teeth bleaching process at home. This involves filling the guards with the provided whitening gel and wearing them (one for each row of teeth) for up to one hour, during seven to ten sessions.

Option B:
Surgery teeth bleaching (laser whitening) – very fast results:

Using a more concentrated bleaching gel that is activated by laser, ZAP (Zoom Advanced Power) is the latest system from the USA. It’s so fast, just a 60 minute teeth bleaching appointment at our London practice is all you need for great results! Top up trays are provided so you can enhance the shade further at home.

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Teeth whitening before and after example

Teeth Bleaching before and after

Meet our teeth bleaching London team

Only a dentist can safely get your teeth the whitest and our talented teeth bleaching team in London is made up of the best:
teeth bleaching specialists London

Teeth bleaching London frequently asked questions

  • Will the bleaching gel cause sensitivity?
    With all teeth bleaching treatments, some sensitivity is normal during the first 48 hours. Our initial London-based teeth bleaching consultation will advise you on your suitability for laser whitening which uses a more concentrated bleaching gel.
  • Is everyone suitable for teeth bleaching?
    No, people with gum disease or other dental health problems may not be suitable. Our London-based teeth bleaching consultation will also determine this.
  • How long do the effects of teeth whitening last?
    This varies from person to person, but the effects of our London teeth bleaching treatment can be visible for up to ten years.

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