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It was paramount for me to be able to talk through a cosmetic procedure with professionals that would not try a ‘hard sell’ tactic, and I feel that the team gave me the information necessary to make a decision while maintaining a approachable, pleasant and fun atmosphere.

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Durathin veneers

Thanks to Durathin veneers, brighter smiles can be achieved without drilling or removing enamel.

Durathin Dental Veneers London

Have you dreamed of a brighter, more youthful smile but have been worried about the damage veneers might cause your teeth? Or are you more scared of the dentist’s drill?

Now thanks to the revolutionary Durathin veneers you needn’t worry about either! Unlike the veneers of old which required the removal of tooth structure prior to placement, Durathin Veneers can be bonded directly onto your front teeth, no painful drilling or the need to remove any enamel, all from our Durathin Veneers practice in London!

Your teeth will look newer, whiter, fresher and more perfect than ever, even better, it doesn’t take long at all.

Durathin veneers before and after example

Durathin Veneers London

Durathin Veneers explained

As the name would suggest, the Durathin Veneers that we fit in our London practice are made of super-thin porcelain and are similar in thickness to contact lenses, so you’ll barely notice them in your mouth. Each veneer is custom-designed to match the contour and shade of your tooth, before being bonded to the top of it. Bow Lane Dental is one of the few London practices with an in-house lab, making the customisation process faster and more effective. Unlike traditional veneers, the Durathin Veneers process we perform in our London practice is prep-free and doesn’t damage your natural teeth.

  • No drilling
  • No injections
  • Reversible

Painless and quick getting durathin veneers at our London clinic couldn’t be easier.

Durathin veneers before and after example

Durathin Veneers before and after

The Durathin Veneers procedure

Only three appointments are needed to place Durathin Veneers:

  • Appointment 1: You tell us what your ideal smile looks like. By visiting us in London, we can consult face-to-face to discuss everything there is to know about or Veneers. We’ll take photographs and x-rays, check the health of your teeth and gums and discuss how to achieve the results. We show you what your Durathin Veneers will look like by sculpting some tooth-coloured resin to your teeth. A diagnostic wax-up may be required to show you in 3-d.
  • Appointment 2: Without the need for anaesthetic, we take moulds of your mouth and discuss colours and designs, to make sure your new Durathin Veneers suit you perfectly.
  • Appointment 3: Your new Durathin Veneers are fitted and you walk out of our London practice with a brighter smile!

Durathin veneers before and after example

Durathin veneers before and after example

Durathin dental Veneers London

Who is suitable for Durathin Veneers?

Not everyone is suitable for Durathin Veneers, but many are. In our experience they work best for:

  • People who have worn down natural tooth structure
  • People who have small teeth
  • People with narrow smiles
  • People who have in the past had teeth extracted for orthodontic reasons
  • People who want their teeth to have more presence

Meet our Durathin Veneers team

James Goolnik, Zaki Kanaan and Ilan Preiss were the first UK dentists to be certified to place Durathin Veneers and all operate from our London clinic, make an appointment today!

Certified Durathin Veneers dentists in London

Durathin Veneers frequently asked questions

  • Q: Does it hurt to have Durathin Veneers placed?
    A: No, our experienced team in London are very gentle when placing your new Durathin Veneers and in most cases the process can be done without numbing.
  • Q: Are Durathin Veneers more expensive than traditional veneers?
    A: No, despite being a revolutionary technology, the cost of having Durathin Veneers fitted in our London practice is the same as traditional veneers.
  • Q: How long will Durathin Veneers last?
    A: Durathin Veneers last 10-15 years, which is longer than traditional veneers.
  • Q: Do Durathin Veneers look fake?
    A: No, because they are so thin and each carefully crafted, they really do achieve a natural, confident smile.

Contact our London practice today to find out how Durathin Veneers could transform your smile.

Dental Veneers before and after

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