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Do I need a dental filling?

Do I need a dental filling?
Do I need a dental filling?

You cannot see much in your mouth but how do you tell if you need a filling? The obvious answer is to visit your dentist and they have special lights, sensors and x-ray devices that can see inside all your teeth to check they are healthy. The latest xrays are digital with only 10% of the radiation of the previous ones and can even produce 3d images of your teeth showing us what is going on and how best to treat it.

We use the DIAGNOdent pen to safely detect hidden caries (dental decay) using the LASER fluorescence technology.

The common symptoms that you may notice if you need a filling:
  1. Discomfort on biting
  2. Sensitivity with temperature. It can be with hot, cold or even sweet drinks and foods. The longer the discomfort lasts after having the food the closer the cavity is to the nerve of your tooth
  3. Food getting caught in between a tooth. Often it can be hard to remove with floss or sticks
  4. A rough or sharp tooth, often more noticeable with your tongue
  5. The floss tearing on a particular area in your mouth
  6. Toothache. A general ache in an area. Often it is hard to work out whether it is coming from your top or bottom teeth.
You may see:
  1. Some discolouration in a tooth
  2. A crack.

Early decay gives NO symptoms and can be reversed before you need a more complex or expensive procedure. Fluoride may be applied or a sealant to the tooth. Decay is not the only reason you may need a filling (we have natural-looking white fillings available). Your tooth may be cracked or worn from Nail-biting, Tooth grinding (bruxism) or using your teeth to open things.

Your Bow Lane London Dentist specialises in prevention and help you reverse the signs of dental disease. If you think you need a filling we can assess your mouth and discuss all the different materials that are currently available and what would be best for you.

Let the experts make sure your mouth is cavity free by calling [ls_content_block id="8703"] where our team will book you in for your initial assessment with a Bow Lane Dentist or click HERE.

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