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Teeth grinding treatment in London

Treat teeth grinding & recurring headaches with a range of appliances

All you need to know about teeth grinding treatment

  • Protect your teeth
  • Sleep better at night
  • Stop your jaw clicking

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Protection against teeth grinding

Due to the pressures of modern life we are seeing an increase in teeth grinding related cases. Teeth grinding can happen during the day or at night while you are sleeping. Depending on the severity, problems can include worn teeth, headaches and TMJ pain.

Clicking jaw and TMJ pain

Clicking jaw joints or (TMJ) is made worse if you clench or grind your jaw. Usually, the only time your joints get to relax is whilst you sleep so help protect them with a splint. If you have clicking joints and jaw pain you need to see a dentist.

Teeth grinding while you sleep

You can put over four times the biting pressure on your teeth while you sleep. Most people sleep better wearing a custom mouth guard. It will provide you with a smooth biting surface and help relax your jaw at night.

Protection with mouth guards

A bespoke mouth guard will protect your teeth from wear and reduce pain associated with grinding. An appliance can help relax your muscles and break the grinding habit. We offer a range of appliances to help with teeth grinding…

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