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Dental bridges London

Replace your missing teeth and close unsightly gaps with our highly effective dental bridges.

All you need to know about dental bridges

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Permanently fixed, no need for removal
  • Often only two visits needed

No one likes a missing tooth! Large gaps between your teeth not only look unsightly, but can alter your bite, increase strain on surrounding teeth and cause gum disease or decay. Luckily bridges can solve the issue.

Dental bridges are fixed partial dentures (or false teeth) designed to close the gap and restore the functionality and aesthetics of your tooth. And thanks to technological advances in dentistry, porcelain bridges are now able to completely imitate your existing teeth, blending in with your existing smile…

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How dental bridges work

Bridges can be used to replace one or more missing teeth and consists of two crowns (one on each surrounding tooth) between which the false tooth is anchored. Where several teeth are missing, the bridge (or pontic) may consist of several false teeth joined together. For this to work however, the adjacent teeth need to be in good health.

Bridges are custom-made in our laboratory and can consist of gold, porcelain fused to precious metal or porcelain alone. Each material has pros and cons and we will always have an initial consultation with you to determine your suitability for bridges and discuss the type.

How dental bridges are placed

Typically, dental bridges are placed during two appointments.

Appointment 1

After numbing the required area, the adjacent teeth are trimmed down slightly to accommodate their crown. A mould is taken of this area and then used to create the crowns and bridge in our in-house lab. At this stage, we’ll also determine the right shade for your bridge and finally we’ll fit a temporary bridge until your new one is ready

Appointment 2

We’ll remove the temporary bridge and fit the new one. Once we’re happy it fits well and delivers a good bite, we’ll cement it into place and you walk out a new you!

Dental bridges frequently asked questions

How realistic are dental bridges?

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Thanks to technological advances in dentistry, all porcelain bridges can perfectly imitate the enamel of your existing teeth, resulting in a totally natural result. At Bow Lane Dental, we have the added advantage of being able to create your bridges in our in-house lab, which allows for a better colour match and faster turnaround

How long do dental bridges last?

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Dental bridges can last 10-15 years, depending on your dental hygiene and diet.

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