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Our dental clinic is open and you can read our COVID-safe procedures here.

We have unfortunately had to temporarily stop our beauty treatments in line with Government regulations. All existing appointments will be rescheduled.

How important are you?

How important are you?
How important are you?

The answer is very important, because if you are not functioning at 100% then your decisions, thoughts, relationships, business, fitness and everything in between, above and below this will suffer.We at Bow Lane Dental work with many successful business people.These are people that are time poor and demand results. Many people say initially they just do not have the time to clean their teeth and floss.I like to throw back the cliché that if they don’t take the time to floss now, then they had better take the time to look after their false teeth later.“THE FIRST THING THAT SHOULD BE SCHEDULED INTO ANYONES AGENDA ON A WEEKLY BASIS SHOULD BE THEMSELVES!”Your health is your greatest wealth. If you are not 100% then you will not get 100% from those events which fill the agenda.By making time in your agenda to efficiently exercise, relax, meditate, or whatever floats your boat will cross-over into making anyone a more functional (mentally/physically/spiritually) person.

You are your number one asset!

You are being irresponsible if you have no ‘YOU’ time to add to your health and wellness in your life!If it does not have at least three hours of exercise and you time scheduled in for yourself, then add it in now.

  • Make sure you sleep enough
  • Cut down on alcohol
  • Have less coffee and swap juice/soda for water
  • Only floss the teeth you want to keep!
  • Cut other stressors, you know what they are
  • Find exercise that you like (and if you need direction then use a respected and well know Personal Trainer – ask for referrals)
  • Eat whole foods and cut out processed foods (yes that includes bread)
  • Focus on the tasks that will enrich your life and delegate the rest to someone else that can do it better than yourself.

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