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Say goodbye to dental anxiety

Say goodbye to dental anxiety
Say goodbye to dental anxiety

Have you ever felt such anxiety about going to the dentist that just the thought of a dental appointment makes you go pale and sweaty? Would you rather endure the agony of a toothache than step foot in a dentist's practice? You're not alone. Many people are so afraid about going to the dentist that they prefer not to have any treatment, but that will only make things worse. 

For those who avoid dentists like the plague, sedation dentistry can help with some of your anxiety. Sedation can be used for everything from a dental implant to having your teeth cleaned. How it's used depends on the severity of the fear.

Hoping to help more anxious patients, we are installing Nitrous Oxide in our two brand-new surgeries. But, what is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous Oxide (abbreviated N2O) is an odourless gas which is mixed with Oxygen and inhaled through the nose. It is also known as “laughing gas”, although this may be a bit of a misstatement. While a few patients may get a slight case of the giggles, most people simply feel more relaxed.

Who can have sedation at the dentists?

This type of sedation tends to be safe for most people and can be administered by just about any dentist. Sedation may also be appropriate for people who:

  • Have a very low pain threshold
  • Can't sit still in the dentist's chair
  • Have very sensitive teeth
  • Have a bad gag reflex
  • Need a large amount of dental work completed

How is Nitrous Oxide sedation administered?

The gas is administered before your treatment begins. You breathe the odourless gas, which is combined with oxygen, through a mask that is placed over your nose. The dentist will control the amount you receive to make sure you get the right amount of gas needed during treatment.

Is Nitrous Oxide safe?

When you get nitrous oxide sedation at Bow Lane you have nothing to worry about. Your dentist will monitor you during your treatment. Additionally, before your appointment, you are asked to fill out a medical history form to determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for sedation.

The sedation is safe and painless, and can even help take away all your concerns about going to the dentist in the future. 

Are there other options to help me cope with dental anxiety other than sedation?

Absolutely! Meditation is a great tool to ease your anxiety and studies show that meditation can really help patients with dental anxiety. 

Also, at Bow Lane, we have installed TVs on the ceiling with Bluetooth headphones so you can be distracted by your favourite tv show. 

Dental health is just as important as your physical and mental health, so you should never neglect your teeth and smile. Nitrous oxide sedation can be a useful tool for easing anxiety during dental procedures. If you think you might benefit from using nitrous oxide for your next appointment or want to know more, talk to us about available options at 020 7236 3600.

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