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Quit smoking, get healthy and make your smile sparkle

Quit smoking, get healthy and make your smile sparkle
Quit smoking, get healthy and make your smile sparkle

This year, National No Smoking Day falls on March 11th. According to figures from ASH, every year, around 100,000 smokers in the UK die from smoking-related causes, with two-thirds of current smokers wanting to quit but only about 30-40% attempting to in a given year.In 2019/2020, there were 506,100 hospital admissions attributable to smoking. There were also 74,600 deaths attributable to smoking.With smoking-related diseases causing 17% of all deaths in people aged 35 and over, we are here to help you lead smoke-free lives.Bow Lane Dental’s team is perfectly placed to help you kick the habit. We can:

  • Talk to you about your smoking history
  • Provide you with information about the options available to help you quit
  • Put you in touch with specialist cessation programmes.

We can also guide those of you who wish to quit to the relevant aids and resources and will always give sensitive advice, particularly about the benefits to your dental health, the condition of your gums and the appearance of your teeth and smile.James recently collaborated with a team behind a top-rated app that tracks improvements of teeth, breath and gum health with each day that passes once you decide to quit.The Smoke Free app is designed to help with the difficult first month, enabling quitters to watch their health improve, see how much money they’re saving and monitor cravings patterns.Each morning, users are given a mission. This is a task designed to help them fall out of love with smoking, resist cravings and recast themselves as a proud non-smoker.The missions were tested scientifically and found to increase the odds of quitting by more than 50. This is as successfully as nicotine patches or gum.The app is built on solid scientific foundations. This includes more than 20 different behaviour change techniques packed into an easy-to-use tool that helps people through the hardest part of the quitting process.James says: ‘This is a great tool to show how the health of the mouth is improving day by day as smokers become ex-smokers.’Smoking is not solely a barrier to a white, bright and healthy smile. Quitting will mean avoiding costly, invasive and lengthy dental treatment, too.Book an appointment with our dental hygienists today and they will be happy to discuss the immense benefits of becoming a non-smoker. You can also ready a story about one of our staff members and how they kicked the habit here.Download the Smoke Free app below:

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