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See your teeth and jaw in 3D

See your teeth and jaw in 3D
See your teeth and jaw in 3D
Bow Lane Dental has recently installed the latest Sirona CT scanner.

The scanner will enable us to see inside your teeth and jaws in great detail, faster and safer before. Normal dental x-rays just focus on your teeth, and for each x-ray picture, you need one exposure. So it would take many exposures to get close to the information shown on one scan. But 3D ConeBeam Imaging shows much more than simple "flat" x-rays. This new technology provides more complete visual information to study your teeth and jaw from every angle.

This technology will enhance our diagnostic skills and reduce your exposure to radiation.

We will use it for:
  • Assessing root fractures, bone loss, areas of infection and gum (periodontal) disease. It also will be used for assessing the likely success of root canal (endodontic) treatment.
  • The scanner can isolate small areas of your jaw, which will reduce your exposure and thus can enable us to take a closer look at structures such as your Temporomandibular joint or sinuses for anything abnormal.
  • We can take x-rays from outside your mouth, great for people who are not able to tolerate sensors inside their mouths.
  • We can look at your jaws, the surrounding bone and nerves to assess what is the best way to replace any missing teeth. We can then choose the ideal size and shape of dental implant that would work best for you.
  • If you have wisdom teeth, or any other buried teeth we can use this 3d imaging to assess if they need to be removed and the ideal way to remove them.
  • We can scan your jaws for cysts, certain tumours and retained roots.
  • Our Orthodontist will use it to check for displaced, impacted teeth, root resorptions, and cleft lips, jaws and palates.

It is a massive investment at Bow Lane but we think it is important to offer our patients the best technology and will help to improve our diagnostic ability and reduce your exposure to radiation.

For a new, faster and safer dimension in dental care call [ls_content_block id="8703"].

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