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Try the 30 day sugar challenge

Try the 30 day sugar challenge
Try the 30 day sugar challenge

New research from Allen Carr's Addiction Clinics suggests more than half of Brits are currently at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and a quarter believe they are sugar addicts. We all know sugar is BAD but what can we do about it? Join Bow Lane 30-day sugar challenge to help kick the habit.

In this time you will train your taste buds not to need sugar. Not only will you be reducing your chance of tooth decay BUT you will stop overloading your liver and reduce your chance of diabetes. Foods high in sugar should be enjoyed as a treat, not every day.

We will teach you to train your taste buds in just 30 days to help kick the habit. James Goolnik, founder of Bow Lane Dental explains “As a dentist I see the harmful effects of sugar on teeth EVERY day. So to raise awareness of these effects I am encouraging others to join me on the 30 day sugar challenge. I am going to cut down to 25g or 6 teaspoons of FREE sugar a day and encourage others to do so also. Sugar has NO nutritional value, it’s just an energy source and it is time to control it before it controls you! It’s really important to understand what you’re eating and drinking, where it’s come from and how it affects your body.” From "That Sugar Film" you can read more HERE about the differences between added and natural sugar.

Allen Carr's Addiction clinics commissioned One Poll to exclusively survey 2,000 people in Britain, to gauge their attitudes to sugar consumption, the major cause of Type 2 diabetes. The research highlighted:

  • Nearly a quarter of the population (22%) would class themselves as a sugar 'addict'
  • More than 70% of Brits don't bother to monitor their sugar intake at all
  • When asked to monitor sugar intake over a week, more than half (52%) consume more than the NHS guidelines of seven teaspoons of sugar per day, putting them at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes

Through Bow Lane Dental Group's Facebook group and via social media James and his team will share with you tips to help kick the habit.

Join Jamie Oliver, Sustain and the team at SugarSmart to help reduce the amount of sugar we all consume.

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