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The Waterpik: Everything you need to know

The Waterpik: Everything you need to know
The Waterpik: Everything you need to know

You may have recently seen adverts popping up advertisingthe Waterpik. We asked our dental hygienist and therapist Brooke to tell youmore about it and whether it could benefit you.

What is theWaterpik?

Waterpik is a handheld device which cleans between yourteeth and around dental work such a crowns, bridges and implants with a pressurisedjet of water. The Waterpik delivers a constant flow of water which you cancontrol from low to high.

So,what’s the idea behind it?

The idea is that the stream of water gently pushes theplaque and food off of your teeth, leaving you with a clean, fresh feelingand ahealthy smile. It is easy to use, just trace the tip around the edges andbetween all of your teeth. If you’ve never used one before you’ll soon get thehang of it.

Are there different types of Waterpik?

Yes, there are two types of Waterpik. One has a handleplugged into a reservoir and runs from a bathroom shaver socket. The other iscordless with a built-in reservoir. Both Waterpiks work in the same way,however the cordless is a smaller less powerful machine but easier to store inyour bathroom.

Can yourecommend a Waterpik?

There are plenty of brands out there that offer inter-dental cleaning aids to suit you, we particularly like the Philips Airfloss. This works a little differently to other devices, where the device delivers puffs of water and air to clean the teeth instead of a constant flow. You will be able to find your Airfloss or Waterpik by searching online or heading to your local health and beauty stores.

Who would benefit from a Waterpik or Airfloss?

Those with limited dexterity may find these easier to use,as interdental brushes and floss can often be difficult or tricky to use. Thosewho have crowns, bridges and implants will also benefit from using them as itcan sometimes be harder to remove plaque from difficult places. We also findour patients with fixed braces find them much quicker to clean their mouths.

They are a great addition to your interdental cleaningroutine, but it is not to be used to replace your regular interdental brushesand floss.

If you would like to know more about hygiene and teeth cleaning, please call us on 0207 7236 3600 where you can speak to one of our dental hygienists and book in your hygiene appointment.

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