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Wedding Day Smiles

Wedding Day Smiles
Wedding Day Smiles

You’re planning the dress, shoes and photographer, but what about the perfect wedding day SMILE? Do you want a whiter, brighter smile ready for your wedding? Tooth whitening can restore discolored or yellow teeth and give that extra sparkle for your wedding photos.We have had some great feedback over the years, and lots of happy brides and grooms who said our teeth whitening services boosted their confidence on their big day.

What do I need to do first?

First things first; Book yourself a tooth whitening consultation. Our dentists will need to check that your overall mouth health, teeth and gums are all suitable for the whitening process.Some teeth can be very sensitive to the whitening gels, meaning it may not be suitable for everyone. We may need to use a lower percentage gel and use a slower process. Also, anyone with cavities will need to resolve these issues before having their teeth whitened.

When should I start whitening my teeth?

We recommend you start your tooth whitening journey two weeks before your big day. Whether you opt for home whitening or in-house whitening, it’s best to give yourself at least two weeks to prepare.

What whitening services can I choose from?

Two of our most popular services include home whitening and in-house ZOOM! whitening. We do advise booking a hygiene appointment with one of our hygienists first. This way, all stains and build-up will be removed, giving you a fresh canvas to work on!

Home Whitening

Our home whitening service is very simple, and you’ll have everything you need to achieve a brighter smile. Our dentist will take an impression and use this to create a whitening tray for you. Once your whitening tray has been made, you will be able to take it home along with our easy-to-use whitening gels. As of January 2021, we have changed our whitening gels to Boutique Whitening, which means you get more gel for the same price as our previous gel.You can then use the gel every day for two weeks as instructed by your dentist. Here is a great example of how much whitening gel you should be putting in your tray for the best results:

Teeth whitening tray

In-house ZOOM! Whitening

ZOOM whitening is our most popular option. It’s also more efficient if you’ve left it to the last minute! The in-chair teeth whitening service takes around 90 minutes using a professional laser system. Your dentist will carefully protect your gums and apply a whitening gel to each tooth. They will then use the laser light to speed up the whitening process.You can book your teeth whitening consultation here.

Zoom whitening

Our operations manager Danni with her gleaming white wedding smile back in 2018 after her Zoom whitening appointment. What a beautiful bride!

Wedding day whitening

Our dentist James talks about our whitening services in more detail here:

Don’t forget your partner, you do not want your smile to show up theirs! Call us today on 020 7236 3600 to achieve your dream wedding smile.

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