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Why are my teeth discoloured?

Why are my teeth discoloured?
Why are my teeth discoloured?

The most common cause of discolouration is from foods, drinks or smoking. This is what is called extrinsic stains; come from the outside. The good news is these are the easiest to remove.

One deep cleaning session with a Bow Lane Dental hygienist will get them looking spick and span again. Your hygienist will use air polishers and jets of bicarbonate of soda to remove stubborn stains. They will go through diet advice and help you minimise the staining in future. If you want them even whiter they will discuss with you the different ways to whiten your teeth using peroxide gels.

The other type of stains are called intrinsic stains. These can be caused by certain medication such as antibiotics, the most common of which is Tetracycline. Your Bow Lane Dentist can help get rid of these using a low strength peroxide bleaching gel over a few months. If a nerve dies within your tooth, the tooth will darken as the nerve bleeds. The good news is after the tooth has had a root canal treatment we can whiten the tooth from inside out so it matches the rest of your teeth again (internal whitening).

Some teeth can look dark due to old fillings discolouring the surround tooth. Your London dentist can offer replacement fillings - we specialise in natural-looking white fillings - that bring the tooth back to it former colour, usually in just one visit.

Your Bow Lane London Dentist specialises in prevention of stains and can help you reverse the signs of ageing. If you have a single dark tooth it is usually a sign of something more serious- so get to Bow Lane and let them help it to return to white again.

Let the experts get your teeth sparkly clean and fresh by calling [ls_content_block id="8703"] where our team will book you in for your initial assessment with a Bow Lane Dentist or click HERE.

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