Dental veneers

Totally transform your smile with our hugely popular porcelain dental veneers in central London.

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  • Popular treatment option
  • Fix a wide range of dental problems
  • Ultra-strong porcelain

Commonly used to achieve the ultimate smile makeover, porcelain veneers are custom-made, ultra-thin shells of tooth-coloured porcelain that are bonded to the front of your teeth.

Comparable to what artificial fingernails can do for hands, dental veneers can transform crooked, badly worn, gappy or stained teeth; resulting in a true ‘Hollywood’ smile.

Dental veneers example

Dental veneers example

The revolutionary Durathin Veneers

Traditionally, dental veneers required some tooth structure to be removed before they could be placed – a sometimes uncomfortable and irreversible process that involved grinding or shaving of the teeth. But now, James Goolnik, Zaki Kanaan and Ilan Preiss at our dental veneers unit in London are the first UK dentists certified to place the totally new Durathin Veneers, which require no such preparation. These groundbreaking porcelain veneers can be placed without drilling or injections and, more importantly, without damaging your natural teeth.

Dental veneers example

Dental veneers example

The porcelain veneers procedure

The process of placing Durathin porcelain Veneers is fast and only requires three visits to the dentist, but the results last 10-15 years! Because the process is preparation-free, in most cases it can be done without anaesthetics too.

1st visit
  • We discuss your ideal smile
  • We take photos and x-rays of your teeth
  • We check the health of your teeth and gums
  • We discuss your options for veneers
  • We can show you a preview of the final result by sculpting some tooth coloured resin to your teeth
2nd visit
  • We take moulds of your teeth
  • We discuss colours and designs
  • Following your visit, we use the moulds to custom-make the veneers in our in-house lab
3rd visit
  • We fit your custom-designed veneers and you walk out smiling brightly!

Dental veneers example

Dental veneers example

The advantage of making veneers in-house

Unlike many other practices, we are home to an in-house lab with talented technicians who carefully craft the shape and length of your dental veneers so they not only look good, but fit in with your bite as well. Thanks to the in-house location they can also perfectly match the colour of your veneers to your natural teeth, using ‘the real thing’ rather than photographs. The result is a fast turnaround and veneers that blend perfectly with your existing teeth.

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Dental veneers example

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Dental veneers

Totally transform your smile with our hugely popular porcelain dental veneers in London.

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