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Get the straight smile you’ve always wanted with our virtually invisible, highly popular Invisalign braces at our central London practice

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An innovation in teeth straightening, we offer the aptly named Invisalign braces at our London practice, which use a set of clear removable retainers to straighten your smile. We treat over 150 patients a year with Invisalign and are Diamond providers.

With the option to remove them for eating, brushing or any important occasion; our convenient Invisalign invisible braces in London is very popular amongst adults who find themselves in the spotlight.

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Invisalign was established in America where it quickly became popular amongst people in the spotlight and particularly in Hollywood, who needed the improvements to their teeth that braces would provide, but didn’t want them to have an effect on their appearance and more importantly, their confidence.

Because the invisible braces are virtually impossible to notice and also completely removable, over 1 million patients have now been treated worldwide. Our Invisalign invisible braces customers in London include celebrities and business people who need straight smiles without the embarrassment of visible braces.

How Invisalign braces works

Our Invisalign process in London starts with an examination of whether this is the right teeth straightening treatment for you. Next, a set of teeth impressions are taken and sent to the USA, where they are scanned and a 3D computer model is created. After custom-building them, an entire series of Invisalign aligners are sent to London, ready to be worn by you. Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks before swapping to the next one in the series and will move your teeth, little by little, to their desired position.

The benefits of our London Invisalign treatment

Apart from a convenient London-based location, our Invisalign London treatment has countless other benefits:

  • The clear Invisalign invisible braces mean you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing.
  • The removable Invisalign invisible braces let you eat & drink what you like and brush & floss normally.
  • The absence of metal brackets & wires in Invisalign invisible braces makes them comfortable and cuts out the need for ‘adjusting’ appointments.
  • Invisalign invisible braces will improve your confidence through a beautiful, straight smile!

Frequently Asked Questions By Previous Patients of Our London Invisalign Service

  • Why choose us?
    Not only do we have an orthodontic specialist, we also have an orthodontic therapist who can review your progress from home with state-of-the-art technology called Dental Monitoring. This allows us to monitor your progress with weekly reviews. You can also contact us if you need to ask questions throughout your treatment. We offer a FREE retainer for you to take home at the end of your treatment.

  • How much does the Invisalign treatment cost?
    Our Invisalign London treatment costs from £2995 for invisible braces for just the top teeth or bottom teeth and goes up to £3900 for both sets of teeth.

  • Does it hurt?
    While using the invisible braces, your teeth will be moved very slowly into position over an extended period of time and some tenderness is usually felt for a day or so at the start of a new retainer in the series. However, this tenderness is a great indicator that the treatment is working, because it means the invisible braces are causing your teeth to move!

  • How long does the Invisalign London treatment take?
    The Invisalign invisible braces treatment generally takes between 12 & 24 months and sometimes even less than a year.


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