How do I recycle my toothbrush?

25th February 2018

Bow Lane Dental Group is proud to announce toothbrush and oral care products recycling. Help us to prevent them from going to landfills and let us all be a bit more environmentally friendly. Please drop by your old toothpaste tubes (squeeze out toothpaste first) and caps, toothbrushes, electric toothbrush heads, interdental brushes and floss containers into our recycling point at Bow Lane. It is completely free and will help the planet!

Bow Lane has partnered with TerraCycle. They mechanically and hand separate all the waste into fibres. Which are recycled into new paper products, or composted if recycling is not possible. The resulting plastics will be recycled into plastic polymers. We recycle the electric toothbrush heads but NOT the bodies, the closest place to us that can recycle electric toothbrushes is at Old Street, next to Fire Station, Hackney, Hoxton, EC1V 9EY. You can find your nearest electric toothbrush recycling centre HERE.

The Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive requires the UK to maximise separate collection and environmentally friendly processing of electric toothbrushes. To locate your nearest recycling centre please visit Recycle More.

We advise you change your toothbrush every 3 months which is great for oral health but bad for the environment. Over the course of a typical lifetime we get through over 300 toothbrushes each so that’s a significant number of toothbrushes simply disappearing into the dustbin. Over 80% of people give them an alternative purpose, which is brilliant.

The top five uses of worn toothbrushes are:

  1. Cleaning bathroom tiles
  2. Cleaning bicycles
  3. Cleaning jewellery
  4. Cleaning computer keyboards
  5. Cleaning the toilet

So think before you chuck them in the bin. Drop them in the recycle bin at Bow Lane Dental, smile nicely at our team and they may even give you a brand new purple toothbrush!

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