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Which toothpaste is best for me?

Which toothpaste is best for me?
Which toothpaste is best for me?

So, which toothpaste is best? We get asked this every day. We usually answer with "stick with a trusted brand that is CE approved", but there is more a lot more to it. There are thousands of toothpastes on the shelves so how do you choose? First ask yourself why are you using toothpaste?Toothpaste has two main functions that you cannot get from brushing alone:

  1. Freshens your breath - (Flavours such as spearmint act as a deodoriser - hiding the smells of curries, garlic, onions and coffee).
  2. Delivers Fluoride - (Fluoride is clinically proven to harden your teeth and prevent cavities. The regular topical affect helps reduce your need for dental care).

Manufacturers add lots of other specialist ingredients that can be useful in specific cases. The most common added ingredient is a de-sensitising agent such as calcium carbonate used in Colgate Pro-Relief. Learn more about tooth sensitivity treatments.

RDA Value

An important factor to consider in a toothpaste is the RDA value. Relative Dentine abrasivity (RDA value) of a toothpaste is how abrasive it is. Anything under 70 is ideal for a daily toothpaste. Brushing with just water has a value of zero.A more recent trend is adding whitening agents. No whitening toothpaste has actually been clinically proven to whiten teeth, but what they can do is help control coffee and tea stains and help prolong the effects of professional teeth whitening.


The other component of ordinary tooth pastes is SLS, short for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This detergent does not actually clean teeth- its sole purpose is to produce foam and thicken the toothpaste. It gives the impression of cleaning you teeth but actually doesn't. SLS has been shown to increase your risk of developing mouth ulcers and that is why we advise to find a toothpaste that is SLS free especially if you are prone to mouth ulcers.

What we recommend at Bow Lane Dental

There are three toothpastes we regularly recommend to our patients here at the practice. You can find them listed below:

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