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Which toothpaste should I choose?

Which toothpaste should I choose?
Which toothpaste should I choose?

Do you choose the one you saw on the TV advert, the one you like the taste of or whatever is on supermarket promotion? The dentists at Bow Lane will help you.Do you know what is the job of a toothpaste? To remove stains, plaque (food and bacteria) and make your teeth feel clean. It is also the best delivery mechanism for Fluoride; which is proven with regular application to harden your teeth and help prevent cavities. It can even reverse the early stages of acid damage by remineralizing areas that have started to decay. The normal dose is around 1500 ppm fluoride. If you want to know the child doses see my blog. Bow Lane offers Colgate Duraphat toothpaste with higher fluoride levels for people suffering from tooth decay and sensitivity. Ask your dentist if you are suitable.


Most toothpastes contain a flavour, a detergent and an abrasive/polishing agent. The manufacturers are trying to strike a balance with formulas that remove stains and minimising the damage to your teeth. You can find toothpastes with added sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, sodium tripolyphosphate, hydrates silica and aluminium oxide to name just a few! These are supposed to improve the cleaning effect and whiten your teeth.The problem with most whitening toothpastes is they are more abrasive than the regular versions. Long term use of these can wear away your teeth making them more sensitive! Some people can be sensitive to certain chemicals in toothpastes, the most common of which is the detergent sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS); this makes your toothpaste foam in your mouth; it can cause mouth ulcers in certain people. You can now find “SLS-free” toothpastes on the market. Sensodyne Daily Care is SLS free but crucially contains fluoride.


The most common cause of sensitivity is brushing too hard and/or using abrasive toothpaste. An important factor to consider in a toothpaste is the RDA value. Relative Dentine abrasivity (RDA value) of a toothpaste is how abrasive it is. Anything under 70 is ideal for a daily toothpaste.Ask your dentist and hygienist to check and to suggest which toothpastes would be best for you. Some agents work to calm the nerve of the tooth, others act to physically block the tubules in your teeth. They can work better by gently massaging the paste into the sore spot with your finger. Do not rinse it off, leave it to soak in. It may take several weeks before the full effect is achieved and it may come back if you switch back to regular toothpaste.If you are not sure which toothpaste ask your London Dentist.

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