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Enjoy a long-lasting and confident smile with our dental implants service at our London practice.

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  • Improve your appearance
  • Adjacent teeth remain undamaged
  • Easy to clean

Have you suffered from tooth loss? Whether it’s through decay, gum disease or trauma, our dental implants here at our London clinic could pave your way to a bright new smile!

Dental implants are much more secure than dentures, so happy smiles! Teeth that pop out while you talk or chew are finally a thing of the past!

In addition, our onsite laboratory at our dental practice in London where teeth implants are prepared means the crowns on our dental implants can be colour-matched to your own teeth, so there’s no telling real and artificial teeth apart, they look as natural as your real teeth!

The best dental implants London has to offer

We’re lucky to have some of the most gifted dental implant technicians in London at our practice, who operate from our onsite dental laboratory with access to top-of-the-range equipment and computer software, meaning you are in safe hands if you require our teeth implant services in London.

We can match your ceramic crowns perfectly with your natural teeth, so even you can’t tell them apart. This expertise combined with the laboratory’s onsite location means our dental implants cost is highly effective. Professional teeth implants are a highly skilled and specialist service and our London team are some of the very best!

In fact, our London-based dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry services aren’t just effective; they are award-winning too.

Our experienced team

Our impeccable dental implants service in London, with one of the country’s most highly qualified and professional teams, means your teeth will be in some very capable hands. We also provide many other cosmetic dentistry services!

We use only the best teeth implants

We use Nobel Biocare and Megagen dental implants at our London practice, which have a 10-year warranty*, so you can be safe in the knowledge that, if you should require our teeth implant services, your teeth will be looking great for quite some time! With an extensive range of dental implants, including different dimensions and abutment connections, we can tailor your teeth implants cost to fit your budget.

How our dental implants London service works

Before we start you’ll need an appointment at our London dental clinic where one of our teeth implant dentists will carry out a health assessment of your teeth and gums to detect whether any gum disease or dental cavities need to be treated.

If they are suitable we’ll follow this procedure:

  • We’ll assess your bone quality and the general area of the tooth/teeth replacement
  • We carry out a 3d digital scan (CT scan) of the surrounding bone at our city dental practice
  • Under local anaesthetic, we’ll then place the titanium dental implant into a pre-drilled hole
  • After closing up the gum again, we’ll leave the area to heal for 8-12 weeks
  • During this time the implant will integrate with your jawbone
  • After that, impressions are taken and a custom-made crown is created and fitted.

*warranty subject to you attending prescribed recall and hygiene appointments.

Answers to commonly asked questions about dental implants in London.

  • What is a dental implant?
    A dental implant mimics a tooth root and is surgically placed into the jaw bone to secure an artificial tooth in place and to stimulate the jaw bone and keep it healthy. A dental implant consists of 3 components: the titanium implant post, the abutment which connects the false tooth to the implant post, and the dental crown or artificial tooth.

    Dental implants from our private dentist in London can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple missing teeth or even all of the teeth in the mouth to restore bite functionality and aesthetics and make the smile whole again. It’s true when patients say that dental implants have transformed their lives for the better.

  • Do I need to replace a missing tooth or teeth?
    While it can be tempting to ignore a missing tooth especially if it is at the back of the mouth and out of sight, tooth loss can trigger a host of other dental problems that can potentially lead to further tooth loss and more costly dental treatment.

    When teeth are lost, the adjacent teeth start to shift in an attempt to close the gap. This can cause a change in the bite, potential gum disease and tooth decay. Replacing a missing tooth protects the other teeth in your mouth and keeps your smile looking whole and healthy. Tooth loss can also interfere with speech and may make it more difficult to bite and chew your food.

  • How long do dental implants last?
    The longevity of dental implants depends to some extent on the experience of the dentist or dental implant surgeon, the location in the mouth, and how well a patient cares for their implants. Here at Bow Lane Dental, we have a specialist dental implant team dedicated to achieving the best possible results for our patients.

    Like natural teeth, implants rely on bone to support them so it’s vital that they are placed into dense, healthy bone to stand the best chance of success. Patients with thin bone may have to undergo a bone graft before commencing dental implant treatment.

    Maintaining good oral health is also critical since poor oral hygiene is the number one reason for implant failure. Not only is it vital to follow the post-operative instructions provided by our implant dentists but also to regularly visit our dental clinic in central London to monitor your progress and ensure things are going to plan. With good care, dental implants can be expected to last for a couple of decades and may even last your lifetime although the dental crowns are likely to need replacing around the 10 year mark.

  • What do dental implants feel like?
    Dental implants feel and function just like natural teeth because they are rooted deeply into the jawbone. There is no need to remove them at night to relax your gums or use adhesives to keep them in place. Furthermore, dental implants restore practically all of a natural tooth’s bite force which means patients can munch and crunch on healthy fruit and vegetables with ease and enjoy all of their favourite foods again.

    Dental implants from our London dental clinic look so natural that it’s hard to spot the difference and, even better, they’re cared for in the same way as real teeth with brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. It’s important to attend regular dentist/hygiene check-ups to ensure the area around your dental implant is kept scrupulously clean.

  • Do dental implants hurt?
    In a word, no. Your mouth will be numbed with a local anaesthetic to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible during the procedure and dental sedation can also be provided to help you relax. Because implants are planned for several weeks before the day of surgery, chair-time is greatly reduced and straightforward single implants should only take around 20 to 30 minutes to place.

    Once the effects of the anaesthetic wear off, however, patients may experience some discomfort and even mild swelling or bruising. We recommend patients rest after their surgery and refrain from any physical exertion which could cause the implant site to bleed or swell. They will also need to switch to a soft diet for a few days while the implant site starts to heal. Any pain can usually be relieved with over the counter painkillers but your dentist will provide relevant direction on these. Even when you’re feeling back to normal, it’s important to finish any course of antibiotics that our dentist may have prescribed to keep infection at bay.

  • Are dental implants expensive?
    Some people are put off getting implants because of the initial cost of dental implants in London which they perceive to be high. What has to be borne in mind, however, is that implants have the potential to last for twenty years or longer and do not need replacing like other options such as bridges and dentures. In addition, patients don’t have to factor in extra costs like cleaning solutions and fixatives. In other words dental implants are an effective and affordable long term investment in your smile and we may also be able to offer you 0% interest plans to help make them more affordable.

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