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Teeth straightening treatments in London

  • Improve your appearance
  • Clean your teeth more easily
  • Improve long term function

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Straighten crooked teeth & remove unsightly gaps with orthodontic braces.

Teeth straightening treatment in central London

In today’s world where your appearance, confidence and even success are closely linked, it pays to have a confident smile. Our teeth straightening service concentrates on achieving harmony between your teeth, face and jaw for long lasting results.

Teeth straightening example

You’re not alone

A survey conducted in 2016 found Londoners were the group most likely to look for ways to straighten their teeth – with 75% stating that they would do so.

Teeth straightening benefits

  • All Teeth straightening methods can dramatically improve the attractiveness of your smile and therefore your confidence. This in turn can increase your social and career success.
  • Teeth straightening can also improve dental function. By aligning the teeth, the forces exerted on them when you chew, talk or simply move your teeth are balanced, resulting in better long term health of your teeth, gums and jawbone.
  • Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean, reducing the chance of cavities and gum disease.

Teeth straightening example

Teeth straightening example

Finding the right solution for you

Because there are many teeth straightening methods – including teeth straightening without braces, invisible braces, or surgery – out there, our first step is always to assess which is the right one for you. Explore our teeth straightening methods below.

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Do you have a question about orthodontic treatment? Find answers to some of our most commonly asked FAQs

  • What is a specialist orthodontist?
    An orthodontist is a general dentist that has undergone a further 2 or 3 years of additional post-graduate study in orthodontics – a specialised field of dentistry. They focus on straightening teeth and moving the jaws into correct alignment.

    Orthodontics can improve a patient’s speech, facial appearance, chewing, and tooth health overall and includes the use of appliances such as fixed braces or removable clear aligners such as Invisalign. An orthodontist will also be a member of professional orthodontist bodies such as the British Orthodontic Society.

  • What is the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist?
    While dentists and orthodontists both help patients to improve their oral health, they do it in different ways. Dentistry is a broad term that encompasses the teeth, gums, jaws and nerves whereas orthodontics is a speciality within the field of dentistry that is concerned with straightening the teeth, aligning the jaws, and improving bite functionality. One difference to be aware of is that while all orthodontists are dentists not all dentists are specialist orthodontists although they may have experience in orthodontics.

    Visiting a good dentist in London that has general dentists as well as a specialised orthodontist in their team provides a better balance for the different procedures you may require to perfect your smile.

  • What is malocclusion?
    Whereas occlusion refers to the correct alignment of the upper and lower jaws so that the teeth fit together to create a healthy bite, malocclusion refers to misalignment and a poor bite. Malocclusion results in the major components used for chewing including the teeth, the maxilla (upper jaw), the mandibular (lower jaw), and the temporomandibular joints (jaw joints) malfunctioning. The gums, muscles, ligaments, and periodontal structures involved with chewing may also be affected.

    Our skilled orthodontist can correct the alignment of the jaws using a variety of devices to move the teeth, and on occasions, the jaw, into the correct position. The most obvious sign of malocclusion is teeth that stick out or are crooked but there are several types of malocclusion. Typically, braces are used to slowly move the teeth into the correct position and correct the bite although surgery may be necessary on some occasions. We offer fixed ceramic braces, Incognito or hidden braces, Invisalign treatment in London and more. Our orthodontist will be happy to discuss your best options to help you achieve straight teeth and a healthy smile.

  • What are Invisible braces?
    Invisible braces tend to refer to clear aligners such as Invisalign that we use at our private dentist in London. Treatment involves a series of clear aligners that are worn over the mouth like a mouthguard and are barely visible, making them an ideal treatment for children, teens, and adults looking for a discreet method of teeth straightening. Similar to fixed braces they apply pressure to the teeth to move them into their correct position but unlike fixed braces, they are designed to be removed for eating, drinking and cleaning the teeth. Ultimately, this puts the wearer in control of their orthodontic treatment and provides a little more freedom than when wearing fixed braces.

    Another type of invisible braces is ceramic braces. These are similar to fixed metal braces with the difference being that the brackets and wires are tooth-coloured or clear to make them less visible. If you want to learn more about how to get straight teeth discreetly, then why not schedule an appointment with Bow Lane Dental Group – one of the top dentists in London.

  • Why should I straighten my teeth?
    While the majority of people choose to straighten their teeth for cosmetic reasons, the benefits of orthodontic treatment go beyond having a nicer looking smile. Straight teeth help to improve oral health, prevent other medical issues and give your confidence a boost.

    If you’re looking for a ‘private orthodontist near me’ or a ‘private dentist near me’ to straighten your teeth, then Bow Lane Dental Group is here to help. Four good reasons to consider dental  braces are to:

    • Improve your oral health – straight teeth are easier to clean
    • Boost your confidence – A straight healthy smile will elevate your self-esteem
    • Chew more easily – With a correct bite you can enjoy meals without discomfort
    • Prevent jaw strain – Straighter teeth relieve jaw muscles and help prevent teeth grinding and headaches caused by jaw strain

    When we’re asked, ‘Is orthodontic treatment worth it?’ the answer is always yes, absolutely!

  • How much do braces cost?
    If you’re considering teeth straightening then cost is of course an important factor before you go ahead with orthodontic treatment and the answer depends on several factors.

    More adults than ever are undergoing orthodontic treatment and to meet the demand there has been great innovation both in materials and technologies used in orthodontic treatment. This means that modern orthodontics is faster and less noticeable.

    At our private dentist in London, we provide a wide range of braces options with starting figures from £1850 for the Inman Aligner rising to £5000 for the Incognito fixed brace and from £2995 for Invisalign and £1950 for Cfast treatment. Attending an orthodontic consultation with Bow Lane Dental will determine the best teeth straightening option for your particular case and provide you with a more accurate treatment cost.

Our highly experienced and award winning dental team are ready to help you straighten your teeth.

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    Straighten your front teeth in less than 6 months with CfastTM, the highly effective orthodontic appliance.

    Ceramic brackets

    Straighten your teeth with ceramic brackets, the less noticeable, metal free alternative to traditional braces.


    Get the straight smile you’ve always wanted with our virtually invisible, highly popular Invisalign braces.

    Functional appliances

    Straighten the upper and lower teeth at the same time with a removable functional appliance.

    Six Month Smiles

    Achieve the straight teeth you’ve always wanted in no time with our revolutionary Six Month Smiles treatment.


    Straighten your teeth from behind with our virtually invisible Incognito lingual appliance in London.

    Inman Aligner

    Straighten your smile in just SIX weeks with the revolutionary Inman Aligner at our London dental practice.


    Speed up orthodontic tooth movement and enjoy faster treatment times with OrthoPulse.

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